Satrangi by Bonanza
Bonanza Satrangi Spring Summer Pret Lawn Collection 2014

KARACHI: It’s spring time and at Bonanza, it’s naturally described by bright colors.

Upon coming into Ocean Mall, city on Th evening, one would be shocked to visualize the arrangement and therefore the floral atmosphere. The Bonanza store itself was clothed in blooming red roses in an exceedingly wheel-cart and there have been daisies all around in varied colors. It appeared as if spring had already found out the shop, with associate explosion of vivid colors — a refreshing amendment from the blues and greys ever gift otherwise in our lives.

Behind the thought and vision for each the Satrangi picture shoot and event was none apart from Maha Burney, United Nations agency is that the artistic Director for the Satrangi launch event for prêt and field. “For the event, we tend to needed the visual look to relate back to the shoot, virtually as if the shoot was dropped at life within the event itself, creating every guest a lively participant within the campaign,” she said.

Nadir Firoz Khan designed the catalogue, press kit and invite, thus each detail was tied along visually. “Bonanza is such an excellent shopper in terms of giving USA complete artistic licence with Satrangi at Nadir Firoz Khan Photography (NFK). And in fact, Amina associated Anisa Rashid Khan of RAK Associates area unit an absolute pleasure to figure with, and such an explicit powerhouse. we tend to we tend tore extremely pleased with the result and hope everybody enjoyed the event the maximum amount as we did in putt it along,” Burney additional.

Satrangi by Bonanza pics

Bonanza’s Satrangi assortment, that last year dealt solely in women’s sweaters, took a revolution now around. Satrangi has toyed with each field and prêt wear in its latest assortment. At the event, family and friends were treated to yummy orange delights, red velvet cupcakes and mint fruit drink by Anisa and Amina Rashid Khan.

While chatting with The categorical apse, Komal Dawani, selling and Media Manager for Bonanza same, “The launch of the prêt assortment associated women’s field is an extension of our women’s whole referred to as Satrangi. we would like to form the feminine temperament shine through these colors. you’ll see a spring-is-in-the-air reasonably assortment. we’ve used various reds, oranges, yellows and greens.”

The collection is split into 2 ranges; foremost, Satrangi Prêt, that may be a off-the-peg assortment that consists of 10 styles and is primarily a sewn and wrinkle-free assortment. Secondly, the unstitched field assortment contains four styles, every offered in 2 completely different color schemes. Dawani same, “It is a wholly written assortment, no embroidery has been used.” No embroidery, however why? “Generally speaking, we would like each lady within the country to do this assortment out, from a {housewife|homemaker|lady of the house|woman of the house|wife|married lady} to a operating woman, and even to 1 who’s a shopaholic! you only can’t wear adorned garments all the time.”

Satrangi by Bonanza 2014
Bonanza Satrangi Summer Pret Lawn Collection 2014

Asif Bilwani, Director selling, Bonanza same, “Bonanza may be a identified whole for men here in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Satrangi is our version of a women’s line. Through this assortment, we’ve tried to boost the seven qualities of a girls vis-à-vis the seven bright colors that Satrangi is understood for!”

Bilwani same that as there have been presently sixty Bonanza stores in operation inside Islamic Republic of Pakistan, inside 2 years, they’re coming up with on having separate Satrangi stores inside the country solely occupation to girls. Bilwani same there’ll be “about fifteen of those.”

“Satrangi is regarding women’s sweaters, prêt wear and field. i need to inform you that our Prêt wear is wrinkle-free and therefore the 1st of its kind in Islamic Republic of Pakistan,” Bilwani same.

Why conceive a wrinkle-free assortment for women? “Basically, we’ve been committed men’s wear for over thirty years and that we assume that a wrinkle-free assortment isn’t solely the necessity of the hour for men’s wear, however even today’s Pakistani lady isn’t behind in programing her workplace tasks. we’ve introduced the wrinkle-free side in our prêt wear assortment specifically for these operating girls,” he declared.

Satrangi by Bonanza Collection 2014

A final word from Dawani on why the fervent love for flowers within the collection: “It’s spring. It’s Satrangi. the primary issue you’re thinking that regarding once the word ‘spring’ involves your mind is certainly flowers. we tend to simply tied the whole issue up.” KhanPakistani Designer Dresses Boutique Style New CollectionSpring CollectionsStylish Kurti Patiala Salwar Kameez Suit Plazo DesignsSummer Dresses CollectionsBonanza Satrangi,Bonanza Satrangi Lawn Collection 2014,Summer Pret Lawn Collection 2014KARACHI: It’s spring time and at Bonanza, it's naturally described by bright colors. Upon coming into Ocean Mall, city on Th evening, one would be shocked to visualize the arrangement and therefore the floral atmosphere. The Bonanza store itself was clothed in blooming red roses in an exceedingly wheel-cart and there...Salwar Kameez Suit Neck Designs, Latest Frock Designs, New Easy Mehndi Designs, Beginners Mehndi Designs for Hands, Arabic Mehndi Designs, Mehndi Designs Catalog, Beauty Tips, Dr Khurram Mushir Hair Falling Tips