Bridal Makeup Black Smokey Eyes Tutorial in Urdu

Latest bridal smokey eye makeup trends with pics in Urdu. Bridal makeup guide step by step lipstick red color fashion for Pakistani and Indian brides.

Bridal Smokey Eye Makeup Trends
Bridal Makeup Trends

Following are the latest smokey eye makeups, Bridal Pakistani makeup trends step by step guide that can be helpful for you when you have to get ready for a gathering, or office. As all of you know that smokey eye makeup is very popular among modern girls. This Arabic smokey makeup normally apply for party, wedding or a function.

2015 Bridal Makeup Trends

Red lipstick

In 2015 red lipstick is again famous color for Pakistani and India bridals. It is an everlasting ladylike color, and also a bold one. Nothing shows confidence more than a red lipstick! You just have to select the perfect red shade according to your skin tone. Orange-red color is best for warm undertones women’s, bluish-red for the cool undertones women’s.

Fuchsia Cheeks

Fuchsia and lively pinks will definitely make you glow on your wedding day! Fuchsia cheeks look attractive and fresh on the wedding day. Add some foundation, concealer, mascara and lip color to enhance your look.

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Eye Makeup Trend for 2015: Dramatic Pastels

Blues, greens and pinks are still alive as Eyes Makeup this year. You should try a futuristic look by combining the brighter colors in contradiction with the neutral eye shadow base. You can use some glittery eye shadow with it for a fashionable look this season.

2015 Makeup Trend: Crisp and Stylish Eyeliner

Apply the super-thin liner even if you are going to fashion the Smokey eye look. Asian-encouraged eyeliner is considered as one of the top beauty trends of 2015 and you can create this look with a Kajal pencil or navy liner.

This is the bridal makeup trends 2015. If you are getting married soon then you should focus on this to look beautiful and stylish on the big day.

Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Guide in Urdu
Black Smokey Eyes Makeup Guide in Urdu


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