Dua for Hair Loss – Stop Hair Falling Dua in Islam Quran

Stop Hair Fall Zikar and Dua to Reduce Hair Loss

Stop Hair Loss Dua in Islam to Reduce Hair Falling in Urdu

Hair Loss is the big and challenging problem in men and women now a days in all over the world. Young boys faces Hair falling more then girls. Islamic Dua for Hair Loss Remedy in Quran for hair growth and stop hair falling.

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Every day, every one of us losses some hair. Our body then replaces these with some new strands as part of the many renewal processes that are built into our human body. As we all age, ‘the reappearance of new hair’ slows down. Beautiful and shining hair makes your personality more attractive so every one want thick hair.

Islamic dua to stop hair falling Quran Dua in Urdu for Men Women

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Today men especially young boys have a serious baldness problem then girls and women. Men can faces this problem in the age of 20 or less. Normally women have not a serious hair loss problem as men. Usually women have this problem in the age of 50. But you need to not to worry as following is the best Dua in Islam for hair growth and stop hair fall.

Self Care Homemade Remedy Tips to Stop Hair Falling

Massage the scalp with 2 to 3 drops of essential oil or a good vegetable oil. Massage any vegetable oil well into the scalp so that the oil gets into deep roots of  your hair. This message will stronger the roots of your hair and feels you fresh.

Hair Falling Dua Zikar in Islam

Islamic Dua in Quran to Stop Hair Fall for women and men Zikar

This is the Islamic dua and zikar to stop hair fall in Men and Women. We have also posted here some hair care tips. Offer prayer five times a day and recite these Aayat for better results. Hair Falling Zikar and Dua is best solution to reduce hair loss. Hope You like the post. Comment below if you have any question about this post.


  1. hello mujy hair fall dua per k boht acha lga ap ka boht boht shukarya.. please main boht up set houn mujy ek solution bta dain.. mery face pay kuch nishan hain jasy boys k hoty hain some time.mean to say choty choty gherry per rahy hain wo remove ni ho rahy.even k mery face pay kbi pimples b ni nikly hain kindly koi mujy is problem pay guide ker dey.i will be thank full to you

    • Ya khaliku ,ya musaviru,ya jamilu ka zikr hr namaz k bad kia kro or pury yakeen k sath kia kro ,…mry face p pimple hue thy but an Allah ka shukr is I zikr s in ka aik nishan b no raha

  2. Comment:pls my hair falls anytime I comb my hair and also it breaks at the frontal edge. I’ve tried to make the dua you posted but I can’t read it.

  3. Hello! Can you please post this Dua, ‘Hair Falling Dua Zikar in Islam’, in English.
    Please post it in English because I really cannot read it. I am losing lots and lots of hair and sadly I have became half Bald, I have tried all the home remedies and what not to stop my hair fall but was of no use.
    Please reply, is my kind request to you.
    Waiting for your reply


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