Latest Mehndi Henna Designs Images HD Pics Free Download

Latest Mehndi Designs Images HD Pics Free DownloadStylish HD Mehndi Design Wallpaper Free Download

Mehndi designs are the sign of simplicity and beauty. They can be applied on hands, feet and fingers. In this article I am going to mention few latest new Mehndi designs and henna pattern style for you to admire. Read on!

1.    Round Mehandi Designs

Round Mehandi Designs Free HD Wallpaper Download

Round mehndi designs look beautiful on the hand palm. When this design is painted on the hand palm it symbolizes a present, and on the hand back it symbolizes safety. Simple round mehndi designs can be worn on any occasion. Normally brides prefer this mehndi design on her wedding to look more beautiful.

2.    Glittery Mehndi Styles


A trendy, Fashionista glittery Mehndi looks gorgeous on every occasion such as ‘Eid and marriages. Apart from the simple glitter Mehndi, colored glitter Mehandi gives a gorgeous rich effect on female hands. You can use gems and pearls for the extra shining. Simple or colored both Glitters are applied after the application of the original Mehndi. However, Glittery Mehndi lasts only for one day.

3.    Marwari Mehndi Designs

Following is the unque Indian mehndi Design art for females.

Marwari Mehndi Designs HD Photo

Marwari mehndi design is all about thin, complicated patterns that is normally applied without any gaps and resembles. In the south, it is normally applied on the fingers tips and toes. This mehandi design is very tricky as it is a combination and mixture of lots of patterns and styles. You can also continue the design from one hand to the next in a beautiful manner.

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4.    Sun Mehandi Design

Sun Mehandi Design

These henna designs are just like the traditional symbol that is normally used to represent fertility, protection, and caring. Sun design is the mixture of the small round circles rather than one circle in the middle of the hand and the suns paint on the hands in an outward direction to light up the blessing, lasting love for a bride and groom both if it is worn at a wedding.

5.    Flowers Round Mehndi Designs

Beautiful Both Hands Mehandi Henna Design Image Free Download


Flowers are normally used in every simple Mehndi design, but painted in a different ways. You can paint any type of flower mehandi design on your hand. Flowers and petals represent pure joy and happiness. Bracelet design which is attached to the flower on the back hand, which is normally attached to the finger rings. This popular Flowers Round Mehndi design is popular in the west.

6.    Heart Shaped Mehndi Designs


Another latest mehndi design is the heart shape design. The heart represents love this design looks very pretty and a perfect alternative to the round Mehndi Designs. The heart Shaped Mehndi style is a perfect design to be used on a wedding occasions.

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Here HD Wallpaper Pic of Front Hand Simple Mehndi Design

Latest Mehndi Designs Images HD Pics Free Download

So these are the Latest Mehndi Designs Images HD Pics Free Download for every one. These HD Henna Style Photos are gathered from facebook and pinterest. Hope you will like these designs.


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