How to Make Fish Aquarium at Home

make an aquarium at home

Build your own aquarium (Fish Tank) with your kids following the instructions. It’s fun and productive. Here is a step-by-step procedure from Crafts for Kids, for making the perfect aquarium for your living room.

Things you will need:

•  A large clear plastic container

•  Oil/non-toxic paints and a paintbrush

• Shells, stones and corals

• Fish


•  Wash and dry the container. Next, paint it; it’s great to decorate the aquarium and make it visually pleasing

•  Put shells and pebbles at the bottom of the tank and pour water, it’s preferable to use filtered water

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•  Put your fish in the tank, preferably two, so they keep each other company. It will be good if you add special aquatic plants to the aquarium 


•  Don’t bother the fish too much

•  Keep the water clean

•  Feed the fish every day

•  Don’t allow the feed to lie at the bottom of the tank; it will lead to rapid contamination of water

•   Place the aquarium in a well-lit place

Food recipe for fish:

Add spinach leaves and pieces of bread to flour paste and leave the mixture under the sun till it becomes a dry-crusted bun. Break it into small pieces and feed them to the fish in the aquarium. Courtesy: Ejazul Haq


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