New Arabic Mehndi Designs 2017 Simple Henna Bridal HD Images

Arabic Mehndi Designs are equally famous in ladies of all ages. The older ladies prefer Simple Arabic Henna Designs for hands that are actually less dense in terms of design and the younger girls and women prefer filled hands with load of floral patterns.


Mehndi is the eastern art of painting the hands with paste made out of dried leaves of Lawsonia Inermis commonly known as Henna plant. The fact about Mehndi which is not commonly known is that Mahndi is an antibiotic. It kills many bacteria with its fragrance and application.


Have you ever thought from where this trend started? The answer of this is in very early ages. Mehndi was applied as a medicine to kill the bacteria that might get transferred through shaking hands on all happy occasions like, wedding, Eid, party function and engagement.


So basically Mehndi was a coloring paste that people used to keep their brides and grooms safe. Yet as with time every trend changed, the trends in Mahndi designs also got some innovation. Now women use this coloring paste to decorate their hands and feet. Girls draws different beautiful flowers and crisscross lines to make a new and beautiful henna pattern. You can also do this at home with cone mehndi.


Hence, this tradition is as old as the human history, in ancient days both men and women used to apply Mehndi on their hands and feet but now it is only limited to women. Men in rural areas still apply this paste yet that is not a common practice now.


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Arabic Mehndi Designs HD Images

The Mehndi known to us now is a lot different than of the early ages. Now a days, we apply Mehndi in magnificent designs and patterns among which Beautiful Arabic Mehndi Designs are the most famous ones. As their name suggests these designs have Arabic origin. Arabic Henna is known for its beautiful floral patterns where flowers petals and leaves are made as close as possible to one another taking a shape of one marvelous liana covering whole hand.


Some girls are yet so fond of Arabic Henna Designs that they ask the Mehndi artist to cover their hand and half arm too. The thing that differentiates Arabic henna Designs from other designs is that they have loads of crisscross, spiral patterns hanging out of them that give these designs a more dense and heavy look.

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They give a graceful and sophisticated western look and are preferred by women with smaller delicate hands or those who wish to apply Mehndi but want an overall western look. Another reason behind the popularity of New Arabic Mehndi Design is that they look elegant and trendy and are easy to apply.

Simple Arabic Henna Designs


Simple Arabic Henna styles are also famous in brides and newly married ladies. They complete the look of an eastern bride and exhibit our culture in a very delicate and stylish way. These designs do not cover the whole hand and are less congested in terms of floral patterns.


The Mehndi artists take 20 to 30 minutes to complete a Bridal Arabic Mehndi Design of one hand. With the bloom of our fashion industry the fashion trends change so rapidly but Mehndi holds its position and still is the ornament of Indian and Pakistani culture and has been decorating the hands of all women since ages.



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