New Moroccan Indian Arabic Mehndi Designs Pictures 2014 for Women

New Mehndi Designs 2014
New Mehndi Designs 2014

Heena or Mehndi was initial introduced in sub continent jointly of the tool to boost the beauty of woman’s hand on special occasions like wedding etc. within the past, there was no conception of styles because it is nowadays. the ladies simply wont to created easy and straightforward patterns like circle on their hands and feet. But today, there area unit variety of designs and designs of Mehndi that aren’t standard in Asian countries however in western countries in addition.

The past mehndi designs are changed and as a result, we are able to see variety of styles like peacock patterns, thick Arabic styles, geometrical patterns etc. you’ll be able to paint the planning of your alternative and cause you to hand look lovely. Following area unit the newest mehndi styles for ladies that area unit in trend lately.

Indian Mehndi designs:

Indian mehndi styles area unit one amongst the desirable styles by ladies of nowadays. These Designs area unit terribly stylish and comprise of terribly skinny layer styles. The hand is crammed with skinny and loveable layers which provides glamourous charm to hands. The Asian countryn styles aren’t standard in India or pakistan solely, however additionally in other Asian and western countries in addition. Indian Mehndi styles area unit good for bridals in special. No woman might resist herself adopting and painting Indian styles of henna.

Arabic Mehndi designs:

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These kinds of mehndi designs can stay standard within the year 2014 too. Arabic designs are created with thick layer of mehndi and create the hand look fabulous instead of tousled. These kinds of styles area unit best who need clean and fewer extra service hands.

Some brides additionally like Arabic mehndii designs as a result of it’s easy to extra service the empty flowers and alternative styles with totally different colours like maroon and red consistent with the colour combination of their wedding gown. Arabic mehndi styles are obtaining standard among Pakistani ladies and therefore the new patters of those kinds of styles are being introduced this year.

Delicate and tiny designs:

This type of mehndi styles area unit meant for ancient celebrations instead of wedding ceremonies. They demand guardianship as a result of it’s not a straightforward task to form skinny layer mehndi styles and patterns. you’ll be able to create little flowers with supporting line styles and alternative delicate patterns in addition.

Moroccan designs:

Moroccan mehndi designs are one amongst the favored and most popular by ladies for the year 2014. it’ll be equally look lovely whether or not you’re getting ready to attend a marriage ceremony or the other ancient event. it’s one thing new for those girls who area unit bored with recent tired designs of past. You must give it a try in 2014.

View: New Mehndi Designs Pictures 2014

If you would like to urge dark color of your mehndi designs, than you’ll be able to follow these easy and easy tips. By applying the mixture of sugar and lemon on your dry mehndi style, you’ll get the dark color of that style consistent with your need. Moreover, don’t rub your hands to get take away dry mehndi, however instead use coconut oil for this purpose.


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