Punjabi Suit Neck Images Salwar Kameez Back Gala Designs

New Neck Designs of Punjabi Salwar Kameez Suit for Indian Women. Punjabi Dress Modern Neck Images Gala Design of Cotton Salwar Suit.

Salwar Kameez Suit Back Neck Designs Images

Front and Back Collar Gala Neck Design with Lace

Punjabi Suits is just like the salwar kameez, and considered to be a basic dress. These suits need a beautiful and modern neck designs on front and back side of the kameez. North Indian women normally wear it on the regular basis. Now these Punjabi Suit is famous all across the world. Regardless of where and whenever one has to wear the traditional salwar kameez he prefers the Punjabi Suits.

Punjabi Suit Neck Images


Ladies Punjabi Cotton Dress is the three-set suit chunni or dupatta also include in this set. The upper part is known as Kameez, whereas the lower pant is known as the salwar and the combination of these three pieces completes the Punjabi Suit.

V Shape Neck Cotton Kurti Design

The upper part of the Punjabi Salwar Kameez Suits holds many variations with the fitting, neck, sleeves length and style, bottom measurements and cuts. When it comes to the salwar, they are normally wide from the top and also connected with the belt which helps in making the pleats.

Back Neck Gala Designs for Cotton Salwar Suit

Salwars size is normally wide for the effortless movements; this is the main reason why people consider it as a comfortable outfit especially in summer season. These Punjabi suits back neck design gives a beautiful look to the dress.

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There are many types of neck designs that are popular these days like V neck churidar, Ban, Chinese neck, Double Neck, U Shape lace unique modern Neck Designs to give a stylish look to the Punjabi Suits. These designs are being used for wedding and party dress by Pakistan and India girls.


A lot of neck designs and styles are being introduced nowadays. Laces neck designs in on the top of list. In this style girls puts the laces on the Neck Designs to give a more stylish look. The second neck designs that are seen on the Punjabi Suits is, light color neck design. You can also find these beautiful neckline designs on social media like facebook, youtube, daily motion and so on.


In this design a light colored neck readymade Gala is picked and applied to the bright colored kameez. This Neck Design is famous in the whole fashion world. To improve the look of the Punjabi Suits ladies prefer Stone, Beats work on the neck.

Indian Cotton Salwar Suit Neck Style

Long Neck Collar Kurti Design Cotton Suit

The Punjabi Suit neck images design give a modern western look to your dress. You can even apply on the formal suites. It reflects the Punjab culture of Indian and Pakistan. Some people prefer the Punjabi Suits with Churidar Pajama along with the golden straps at neck and at the end of the sleeve.


To conclude, Punjabi Suits neck designs are preferred for the comfort look. They are not only famous in India but all over the world for the basic reason that they give glamour and grace to the wearers personality.

Lawn Suit V Shape Gala Style Collor Neck

V Neck Lace Gala Design

So these are the New images of back neck designs and front gala style for ladies cotton salwar kameez suit. These neck deigns cutting are not a very tough job you can cut these gala patten at home. Hope you will love these neckline images. Comment below if you have any questions about this post.



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