Remove Unwanted Facial Hair Permanently on Face & Chin Natural Remedies

How to Remove Facial Hair on Face & Chin at Home with Natural Remedies


Unwanted facial hair looks really ugly on the women. Some women use the hair removal creams, Shaving, Tweezing and waxing because all these methods are very affordable. In reality, these facial creams are fully packed with the chemicals, which can be responsible for the side effects like itching, redness acne and color discoloration.

Permanently Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

So, I have compiled some natural home remedies to permanently remove unwanted hair on face and chin. Let’s check it out one by one.

Remedy 1

Take 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 lemon juice and mix both of these ingredients in the water to make a paste. Apply this paste in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Leave it on the skin for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off. For effective results apply this mixture on the skin twice a week.

Remedy 2

Take one tablespoon of lime juice and mix 4 teaspoons of honey in it. Apply this paste on the face in the opposite direction of hair growth and leave this paste on the face for 15 minutes and then rinse it off. For effective results, try this natural home remedy twice a week.

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Remedy 3

Take few spoons of raw milk and mix turmeric powder in it. Apply it on the face and leave for few minutes and then rub this mixture on the face in a circular motion. After 10 minutes, wash it off with cold water and enjoy the amazing results.

Remedy 4

Take one egg white and add 1 teaspoon of sugar and a half teaspoon of corn flour in it. Mix all these ingredients thoroughly to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on the face and once it will dry peel it off. Try it 4 times in one week to get good results.

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Remedy 5

Take turmeric and besan and mix both of these ingredients with the help of water and make a paste. Apply it on the face and wait for 15 minutes till it dries. Gently rub the face and after that wash it with the cold water.

Remedy 6

Make a paste by combining three ingredients curd, turmeric powder and gram flour. Apply it on the face for 15 min and then gently rub it and wash it off.

All the above mentioned Remove Unwanted Facial Hair home remedies are very cheap and easy to use. You can apply any of these remedies from the comfort of your home. All the above mentioned remedies give you little slow but they are totally free from all the side effects. If you need any further help kindly ask in the comment section below.


  1. I have a lot of growth on my chin n sides now they come white every day I have to either wax ,thread or tweeze now I am tired so have lost confidence to speak to people.Pls help.


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