Summer Pret Lawn 2014

KARACHI: Admit it. whilst the city gets covered with billboards dedicated to technicolour three-piece suits, whilst you shed away your shawls and muse over shift on the cooling system, and whilst the weather begins to swelter, those field suits merely aren’t attractive you any longer.

They look nice in catalogues, due to stylists and therefore the marvels of Photoshop. However, whether or not the suits square measure ‘designer’ field, profession to translate high style into daily wear or by a complete churned out by a textile influential person, there’s nothing new concerning AN unstitched business suit, and its myriad add-ons in chiffon, silk and embroidery. Been there, bought that and worn that way too persistently. It’s time to maneuver on, ladies.

The field fashion, when a protracted reign on summer fashions, is well and actually stuck in an exceedingly rut. Sure, it’s still the foremost wise material to wear throughout the long Pakistani summer. It’s simply that field of the three-piece unstitched selection is de facto not high style to any extent further.

Perhaps, this can be the explanation why once a year, sure designer field brands resign from the market. Some designers realize the market too well-worn whereas others like better to place their specialize in dressmaking and prêt.

For instance, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, Nomi Ansari and destiny don’t seem to be delving into field for the instant. Shamaeel Ansari and Sania Maskatiya square measure about to delay their field line-ups until later within the summer once they are created out there as choices for Eid 2014.

Besides, whereas retailers and designers could go gruff saying themselves to be ‘sold out’, one will see a mess of these terribly prints out there on sale a mere 2 months later. Some lawns could mint cash, however it’s no secret that there square measure others that fail miserably.

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Sana Safinaz, Vaneeza Ahmed, Maria B, Nishat Linen, Gul Ahmed, Summer Pret Lawn 2014

Compared to the range out there within the market, girls aren’t shopping for as several field suits. For one, it’s no fun ending up carrying constant garments as a gazillion alternative girls. albeit there square measure a mess of field brands within the market – nearly a banging one hundred fifty were out there last year – there square measure some that square measure uncomparable favourites.

Élan, Sania Maskatiya, Khaadi and therefore the kingpin of all lawns, Sana’a Safinaz, sold-out exceptionally well last year. As a result, one will see those prints just about everyplace. The suits could are stunning, however they got monotonous terribly quickly just because they’re thus common.

And then, there square measure the hefty sewing prices of golf shot those difficult field ensembles along. to not mention the repetitive visits to the ne’er-do-well tailors. the strain and expenditure usually don’t appear to be value it; particularly currently that there square measure numerous ready-made choices out there within the market.

Ready to wear – cheap, simply accessible and out there in multiple sizes – is that the main component nudging three-piece field right out of the fashion-conscious woman’s wardrobe.

Internationally, girls are shopping for off-the-peg garments for a protracted time and Pakistani fashion has finally caught on. ready-made retail stores like Ego, Daaman, Sheep and let’s not forget, Khaadi, dot thought malls, and multi-label and standalone designer stores square measure currently primarily dedicated to cheap prêt.

Even the hardcore field brands have jumped on the ready-made bandwagon. Gul Ahmed and Nishat Linen have entire sections in their outlets cordoned off for prêt, Junaid Jamshed’s J field is out there in each seamed and unstitched versions, Kayseria features a prêt line and Bonanza’s dabbling into the street by stocking prêt designed by Sanam Chaudhri and Maheen Karim likewise as economical, basic daily wear through their in-house label Satrangi.

Likewise, quite an few designer field stalwarts have extended their ateliers on to prêt. Maria B and Vaneeza Ahmed stock seamed likewise as unstitched field suits and last year, Sania Maskatiya debuted into the field market with unstitched suits and a capsule assortment of seamed field tunics. This year, Khaadi offers three-piece seamed choices and after all, Sana’a Safinaz Prêt stores sell a good choice of seamed field separates.

“The market is slowly swerve towards able to wear,” observes Safinaz Munir. “Perhaps, in another few years, it’ll be the foremost widespread sartorial possibility for girls.”

Has the demand for his or her field wavered in favour of able to wear? Not however, says Safinaz. “Our prêt is out there all year spherical. Meanwhile, field is a lot of exclusive, just because it’s solely out there for a restricted time once a year till stocks last. Also, lots of girls like three-piece suits seamed specifically in keeping with their specific necessities.”

Lawn is for the mass market, explains Deepak Perwani, yet one more frontrunner of designer field. “Designer prêt is simply out there at some of stores whereas field gets distributed everyplace,” he points out.


Apparently, field sales square measure a full totally different ball game, in keeping with Shamoon grand Turk of Khaadi. when ruling the roost for cheap prêt wear for years, his complete branched dead set unstitched field 3 years agone. “Prêt and luxury prêt could sell well in massive cities and it’s the foremost widespread alternative once it involves glamourous red carpet affairs. In smaller cities, wherever girls usually don’t work, it’s a hobby for them to shop for unstitched field and find it seamed. The demand for field is probably 5 times or quite that for able to wear. It is, after all, a necessity to wear it throughout Pakistan’s hot summers.”

And it’s out necessarily, quite the rest, that we’ll still be getting those field suits. Admittedly, a number of them square measure invariably arduous to resist. Sana’a Safinaz have delved into chikankari this year and Khaadi has one-upped the competition by popping out costs for suits with adorned shirts at Rs2,900, once the market rate, in general, wavers at Rs4,000 and higher than.

It’s simply that we tend to most likely won’t put aside our lawns to create an announcement at red carpet affairs, and maybe, we tend to won’t get as several field suits as we tend to accustomed. field simply isn’t that exciting anymore! KhanPakistani Designer Dresses Boutique Style New CollectionSpring CollectionsSummer Dresses CollectionsGul Ahmed,Hassan Sheheryar Yasin,Karma,Maria B,Nishat Linen,Nomi Ansari,Pret Lawn 2014,Sana Safinaz Prêt,Summer Lawn,Vaneeza AhmedKARACHI: Admit it. whilst the city gets covered with billboards dedicated to technicolour three-piece suits, whilst you shed away your shawls and muse over shift on the cooling system, and whilst the weather begins to swelter, those field suits merely aren’t attractive you any longer. They look nice in catalogues, due...Salwar Kameez Suit Neck Designs, Latest Frock Designs, New Easy Mehndi Designs, Beginners Mehndi Designs for Hands, Arabic Mehndi Designs, Mehndi Designs Catalog, Beauty Tips, Dr Khurram Mushir Hair Falling Tips