12 Simple and Easy Style of Mehndi Designs HD Wallpapers

12 Simple and Easy New Style of Mehandi Designs HD Wallpapers

Beautiful Mehndi Henna Design Picture

Easy Style of Mehndi Designs HD Wallpapers – Mehandi is very popular among women and girls. They apply this on their hands on Eid, weddings, parties and other popular event. Hindu ladies apply Mehndi on the palm, back of the hand and feet, because in those areas the design will be very prominent.

Beautiful Mehndi Design for Hand

Traditional Indian Mehndi designs include sun on the palm, circular motif and these designs are applied on the hands and feet. Mehendi is available in a cone shaped tube and both men and women can apply it easily.

Beautiful Henna Mehandi Style

These cones basically prepared at home by making a paste of grounded dry henna. Many people believe that keeping the henna on hand for longer gives you more color. So if you want dark color then you should have to keep it for few hours or overnight.

Stylish and Simple Mehndi Design for Hand

Easy Style of Mehndi Designs HD Wallpapers

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If you are a Mehndi lover, then this article is just for you. In this article I will mention few easy and simple Mehndi designs which make your hands pretty in no time!!

Gorgeous Mehandi Designs For Teenagers

Sun Flower Mehandi designs for hands

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Gorgeous Mehndi designs are popular among young school- colleges students. They apply Mehandi on their hands to beautify them. These designs are simple but looks beautiful in style.

Simple Flowers Mehendi Designs

Flower Easy Mehndi Design

Small girls love to try Mehndi on their little palms. This design is very easy to draw in no time and you can make the follower of your choice. Simple and Easy mehndi designs are more popular among girls because they can draw them easily.

Elegant Mehandi Designs

Black Khaleeji Henna Design

If you want to avoid the flower motifs on your hands, then you can simply go to the patterns leaves in different sizes in your mind design. Fully covered and shaded leaves will make your Mehndi design beautiful and attractive in looks.

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Circular Borders Mehendi Designs

Semi Circular Borders Mehendi Designs

This design is all about the Plain lines with semi-circular borders which makes this design complicated. This design is best for the wedding and festivals.

Singular Strokes Mehndi Designs

Both Sides Back Hand Mehndi Designs

This design is all about the big motifs and then These motifs are filled up with singular strokes which makes it more artistic. For such designs your fingers should be clean and white to make it more prominent.

Easy Lotus Mehndi Designs

Full Hand Henna Design for Eid

Just like the simple flowers, lotus is very easy to make. And after draw the lotus motif it is shaded further to give a traditional look. This is the best example of Easy Style of Mehndi Designs HD Wallpapers for young college going girls.

Sun Flower Mehandi Designs for Hands

Easy Mehandi Design HD Wallpaper for Hand

If you want to go for a easy henna mehandi style for hands, then you can go for the simple dots and big sun-flower designs. You can also shade the flowers or fill them to give a beautiful look to the design.

HD Mehandi Design Wallpaper

Above mention is some of the best and Easy Style of Mehndi Designs HD Wallpapers. I hope you like it and choose one of them to make your hands beautiful. Comment below if you have any question regarding this post, I will answer of your every question.



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