Top 5 Reasons: Why I’m not Losing Weight with Diet and Exercise

Why I'm not Losing Weight with Diet and Exercise

You doing regular workout and diets but unable to reduce weight. What is the reason? Well, You are missing a significant point in your health regime, with simple alternations in your lifestyle you could reduce your weight successfully.

Reasons Why I’m not Losing Weight?

Making Muscle Instead of Burning Fat

First of all Understanding the difference between ‘fat’ and ‘muscle’. Determining how much weight you’ve lost on a weighing scale is misleading, as workouts increase your mass and weight, but allow you to reduce size, while maintaining muscle weight.

Cheating On Your Diet

Maintaining a strict diet plan is key to reduce weight. We all have uncontrollable cravings, but by allocating specific cheat days rather than occasional indulgence, you can get guaranteed results. It’s all about will power, which must always be in full gear.

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Not Performing a Balanced Workout

Most people seem to think that by performing cardio exercise alone, they can achieve results. Your body needs a diverse workout and combination of stretching, resistance and cardio to effectively to lose weight.

Depriving Yourself of Solids

Performing a juice or smoothie cleanse is not the answer to weight loss. Initially, one can lose water and carb weight, but this is just temporary. It is imperative to keep your body nourished in order to lose weight.

Working Out Without Company

Motivation is what keeps us all going, especially when trying to lose weight. Working out alone may be one of the things preventing you from losing pounds. Finding a gym or workout buddy to encourage you is a significant part of the route to weight loss.

Final Thoughts

These are the points you should know before to go for a weight loss exercise or a diet plan. I hope you understand. You can comment below if you and any question regarding this. Thanks Best of Luck.


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